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Do you also feel the need to get out of your bubble now and then and have a direct dialogue with people that might have a different perspective on society? We believe that such (one-on-one) conservations can help to make steps towards a more inclusive way of living together. 

That’s why we developed a practice based toolbox for everyone that wants to experience the art of having dialogues about difficult subjects in public space, with fellow citizens. Get inspired below.

How to do it yourself? 

What exactly do you want to do? What does feel right and safe for you? 

Download our flowchart and find all the answers and inspirations that fit your needs.

  • Download as image, to view online.
  • Download as pdf, to print at home.

Which creative tools can you use to start a spontaneous conversation on the street? 

Download our list with different tools that we used for dialogues in public space or door to door.

How to continue a dialogue in a respectful and interesting way?

Download our principles and tips for the art of dialogue. (coming soon)

How did we practice Door to Door in 2020-2022?  

Door to Door started in the summer of 2020 as an (artistic) research project of Hart boven Hard and artistic platform State of the Arts, initiated by a group of 12 artists and other citizens worried about the polarisation of Flanders. For two years we have developed artistic tools and conversation strategies, by practising them in different contexts and with various partners. 

We travelled through Flanders and did conversation weekends in 10 Flemish villages and cities, talking with people in the public space and at their doorstep. Every time we teamed up with different local organisations, cultural institutions and volunteers. 

In Kortrijk, Brussels and Roeselare we also did ‘Vraagstraat’ (‘StreetQuest), a social cohesion project during one week in some streets. Every day, all inhabitants got another yes-no-question about their relation to their neighbours in their mailbox, that they could answer by hanging a green flag (‘yes’) or a red flag (‘no’) at their window or balcony, visible for all other neighbours. 

We hope our experiences inspire you to go on the street as well! 

Do you want a visual overview of our adventurous trip?

Download this map as image or as pdf.


You want more information or help/tips in your brainstorm on your own project?